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Events and meetings

Team building

When your business stay in Les Moulins, offer your employees different team building activities. Team building helps to improve the functioning and cohesive team, to clarify the roles and responsibilities of team members and increase the potential of each to achieve a better level of performance.

Circus workshop with SODAM

The success of every company depends on the complicity of its employees. Whether you are looking to develop your company’s team spirit, build stronger ties between your employees or just looking to take on a new challenge, SODAM’s circus workshop’s team building services are perfect for you.

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Artistic workshop with côte à côte

Workshop objectives : improve decision making process, promote team cohesion, increase creativity, stimulate motivation and ownership, value and channel innovation, build stronger teams, share sustainable tools and encourage leadership.

Coaching, workshops, training and conferences for individual and team purposes.

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Bistro-Chocolaterie Le Divin-Tandem

Workshops built around making chocolates and other sweet treats.
(maximum: 10 participants)

Demonstration from an expert chocolate and sweet treats maker.
(maximum: 25 participants)

If the location where the activity takes place can accommodate a greater number of participants, it is possible to do these activities with larger groups.

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Centre de golf Le Versant

A team of professional awaits you at Centre de golf Le Versant. Friendliness, fun and of course, competitiveness are welcomed and encouraged in a respectful and sporty atmosphere.

  • Golf lessons
  • Skill test

Activities take place in the interior practice space.

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Complexes sportifs Terrebonne

Strengthen team spirit through sports! At Complexes Sportifs Terrebonne, ice and field rental is available for private events, tournaments and other activities related to soccer, baseball, softball, football, flag football and ultimate frisbee to name a few.

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Kayak Junky

River rafting on rivière de Mascouche
(maximum: 30 participants)

This activity is only available in the summertime, accompanying guides are available.

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Studio de danse Messier-Bolduc

Dance classes on your choice of dance type
(maximum: 50 participants)

Creativity workshop
(maximum: 50 participants)

This activity can take place in a location other than the dance studio.

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Parc de la Rivière de Terrebonne

Parc de la Rivière is the perfect environment for your corporate event: catering services, teambuilding activities, room rental, meeting and conference space are all available. Get your brain working in our GPS rally, try out Disc Golf – a popular sport combining frisbee and golf – go river rafting on a rabaska, canoe or kayak. Enjoy the view from the observation deck and gather up in pavilion’s meeting room.

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Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles

Get a 10% discount on regular price for corporate groups larger than 9 people with our corporate package.

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45 Degrés Nord

Challenge your mind and that of the entire team

Whether you’re enrolling with your board of directors, with your employees or your customers, you’re invited to take on challenging activities and sport-specific competitions with one goal in mind: pure pleasure and ultimately, team building.

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