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Attraits et activités

Parc de la Rivière de Terrebonne

At the Parc de la Rivière, a 250-metre-long elevated walkway leads to a 12-metre tall observation tower. This trail and the tower offer excellent views of the park’s wetlands, home to numerous reptiles, amphibians and birds.

In the distance can be seen the islands of St-Joseph, Forget and Aux Vaches. The park attracts many bird-watchers and photographers.

At the park, you can rent canoes and kayaks from Groupe Plein Air Terrebonne (GPAT). We strongly suggest that you call Parc de la Rivière before your visit to confirm the rental schedule. At any time, it’s possible to come with your own canoe or kayak.

During winter season, the park is a nice place to enjoy a walk and the observation deck is perfect for sightseeing, both of the surrounding nature and area.


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