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Attraits et activités


SODAM is an organization that, through various events, promotes the music, agriculture and heritage of Lanaudière region.


Born out of the commitment of Denise Cloutier, former Mascouche City Councillor, and various other players in the municipal and community environment, SODAM’s aim was to fill a significant gap in Mascouche’s cultural offering. In support of this mission, a number of culture lovers gradually joined the team, both on the board of directors and as volunteers with an interest in music.

SODAM now has 3 areas of activity: music, heritage and agritourism. With more than 50 permanent and occasional volunteers supporting the various events it has promoted, the organization really grew and established its regional positioning last year.

In 2009, SODAM organized a total of 19 events, projects and activities in its 3 areas of activity. It also settled into permanent offices and ensured future stability by hiring its first permanent employee. With some 27 activities, events and projects, SODAM’s business increased 10-fold in 2009, then doubled in 2010.

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