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MRC Les Moulins

(Terrebonne and Mascouche)

Population : 161 079 (1st January 2017)

Situated on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River valley, to the northeast of Laval and Montreal Island, MRC Les Moulins is the southernmost part of the administrative and tourist region of Lanaudière. It is bordered by the MRCs of Thérèse-De Blainville, Rivière-du-Nord, Montcalm, L’Assomption, Laval and Montreal, and covers an area of 261.5 sq. km.

Just minutes by road from the province’s metropolis, the MRC Les Moulins is enriched by the many cultural and heritage treasures of its two main cities, Terrebonne and Mascouche.

MRC Les Moulins is mainly flat, ranging in altitude from 16 to 61 metres, the highest point being the Grand Coteau. The Saint-Pierre and Mascouche rivers traverse the region and the Mille-Îles River runs through the southern part. Les Moulins includes several major bodies of water and forested areas such as the Domaine Seigneurial in Mascouche, giving the region a delightful wilderness character.

In addition to its rich natural heritage, the MRC Les Moulins possesses many important cultural and historical attractions. Vieux-Terrebonne and the Île-des-Moulins represent two of the province’s greatest triumphs of conservation. Other unique attractions of this fascinating city include the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne and the many exhibitions and events staged at the Maison Bélisle. The other principal town of the area, Mascouche, has its own distinct appeal. Interesting features include Vieux-Mascouche and the village heart of Mascouche, as well as the many agricultural buildings dating from the late 19th and early 20th century.

This, then, is the MRC Les Moulins region: an area offering many reasons to visit, from its convenient location to the wonderful blend of nature and urban living with a definite European flavour.

The MRC’s numerous vacation spots, large-scale events, countless cultural treasures and natural splendour make it a great setting for your activities and getaways. With its 4 bicycle circuits, topnotch golf courses, fine horseback-riding trails and wonderful parks, the MRC is indeed a choice destination, just minutes from the metropolis.

The MRC Les Moulins welcomes you!



MRC Les Moulins 450 471-9576

Ville de Terrebonne 450 961-2001

Ville de Mascouche 450 474-4133