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What to do this spring


As the beautiful season approaches, have your bikes prepared or get a brand new new bike from the bike shops and rediscover the benefits of this sport for young and old alike. Watch for the opening of the cycle paths and take the opportunity to stop at an ice cream counter located near the cycle paths.


Hiking and running

Discover interesting places to run outdoors or for a hike as well as running events in the territory. Read our blog post À vos marques, prêts, courez!


Flowers and gardens

It will soon be the time to garden in your flower beds and make your fruit and vegetable gardens. Obtain fertilizers, seeds, seeding equipment, plants and other gardening essentials in the garden center of our repertory!

See the garden centers

Virtual circuits and fun trails

Explore the cities at your own pace to discover the history and the built heritage of Vieux-Terrebonne and the village core of Mascouche thanks to virtual circuits and informative panels, some informative and others playful and riddled with puzzles! Discover 7 circuits pour agrémenter vos balades printanières!


Discover the performance halls of Vieux-Terrebonne! The Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonnele Moulinet et Salle Le Foutoir offer you a variety of entertainment year-round! Check out our calendar of events to find out what shows that month is.

Consult the calendar of events to see the current program.

See the complete program



Here are some suggested activities to entertain young and old!

Escape games

Pool and indoor activities


Discover the good tables of Terrebonne | Mascouche and the unique charm of Old Terrebonne with its many restaurants and terraces along the streets. Our directory has more than 100 restaurants to discover!

Consult our directory of restaurants


A sign that summer and good weather are coming, nine of the eleven ice cream counters in our directory have opened. Discover 11 crèmeries pour savourer des délices glacés!


Discover new aromas and craft beers competing for originality thanks to the creativity of the microbrewers of Terrebonne and Mascouche. Discover the local beers!


Discover gourmet shops where you can get delicious products for a picnic or take-out meals.

Discover the gourmet shops


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