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Tourisme des Moulins


Tourisme des Moulins Inc. is a non-profit organization, founded in 1986, to serve the MRC Les Moulins region. Originally operating under the name of Comité touristique de la région des Moulins, it became known as the Société de développement touristique des Moulins inc. in 1995. Its current name, Tourisme des Moulins Inc., was adopted in 2002.

Since its incorporation, the organization has steadily grown. It has formulated a strategic plan, established new by-laws and introduced a code of ethics. In addition to this, it has steadily recruited members and developed services specifically tailored for their needs, while pursuing its mission to provide information, promote the region and welcome visitors to the area.

A permanent staff, trained in the tourism industry, assisted on a part-time, seasonal basis by employees studying in the field, work together in concert with the Board of Directors, to spearhead a diverse and growing number of Tourisme des Moulins events and activities. In essence, a team of professionals, specialized in the hospitality and tourism trade.

Tourisme des Moulins really took off in 2002-2003 as many of its long-term projects became reality and word quickly spread throughout the province of Quebec. Tourism and hospitality services tailored for visitors and residents of the MRC / Lanaudière region saw a marked improvement, both directly and indirectly, as a result of these efforts.