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Mme Cécyle Restaurant

Amenities and services

  • Bring your own wine
  • Musical / thematic evening
  • Brunch
  • Breakfast

Welcome to Mme Cécyle!

In the mornings, we are happy to offer you delicious homemade breakfasts that have made us famous over the years. Our pancakes, our generous omelets or our traditional breakfasts will help you start your day!

At dinner time, we offer you a quick and appetizing formula. Homemade soups and comforting and tasty dishes await you!

Finally, in the evening, we set the table so that you can take advantage of our evening menu under the formula bring your own wine. Enjoy Saturdays in song with Duo VoxX.

Discover our specialties:

  • Cod fillet Provençal;
  • Tartars;
  • Filet mignon;
  • Beef flank.

So, whether for a family meal, a birthday, a business dinner or a romantic evening, you will have a pleasant time with us. Our team will welcome you and offer you the most courteous service. Above all, don’t forget to bring your own wine!

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