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Crèmerie Bobijoe

Amenities and services

  • Musical / thematic evening
  • Parking
  • Terrace

Located in Terrebonne, in the LaPlaine sector, Crèmerie Bobijoe is an ice cream parlour which offers a wide variety of ice cream. You will find 25 different high quality Belgian chocolate coating options, all hand made from exclusive recipes.

Crèmerie Bobijoe created its menu based on its clientele’s different needs and that is why they also offer various lactose-free or gluten-free products.

One of Crèmerie Bobijoe’s specialty is the delicious avalanche (their own version of the famous Blizzard). With more than 30 versions including the classic “Kit Kat”, “Oreo” or “Smarties” flavours, Bobijoe also offers “Ferrero Rocher”, maple fudge and “Lindt” flavours among others.

Bobijoe knows how to make a belly smile! And they also know how to take care of your four-legged friends, with frozen treats specially made for them!

With their friendly atmosphere, top notch service, a kid’s corner, various events and contests, Bobijoe stands out from the crowd and is sure to become of your favorite spots!

Crèmerie Bobijoe is the host of many events during summertime, be sure to visit their Facebook page often for more details.

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