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Vintage Car show

the 13 September 2020

The Old Car Exhibition will take place in the Île-des-Moulins Historic Site on September 13.

What awaits you

An exhibition with over 450 cars from 1910 to 1987.

Reasons to go

  • An exhibition featuring small booths, held outdoors in a friendly, bucolic setting with picnic sites on the site of the festival
  • An exhibition open to amateurs and families.
  • Held in Terrebonne, a small town located on the shore of the Mille-Îles River, only 45 minutes away from downtown Montreal, with free parking
  • A symbolic admission charge of just $4 and free for child under 12 years old.
  • An exhibition that is held on an actual historical site — Île-des-Moulins — recognized as the second most important restored historical site in Quebec, right after Quebec City’s Place-Royale.
  • A wealth of exhibitions, activities and other events in both summer and winter.


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