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Exhibition Geneviève-Sophie Masson

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A woman. A manor. A story.

Prepared in collaboration with the Terrebonne Regional History Society (SHRT), the Terrebonne Cultural Development Society (SODECT) and the Saint-Sacrement College, this exhibition dedicated to the lord Geneviève-Sophie Masson and her illustrious family is open to public year round.

An old dream, cherished for 40 years by local organizations is finally coming true: to pay homage in a museum to an important family in the history of Terrebonne and more particularly to their mother, the lord Geneviève-Sophie Masson pious and generous benefactor.

Thanks to a partnership, Collège Saint-Sacrement, SHRT and SODECT, the large dining room of its imposing mansion becomes the site of this exhibition. For 28 years, she received religious eminences, political figures, friends and family there. In this manor, a widow, while taking care of her family, she administered the immense inheritance of her husband in a constant concern for the benefit of the poorest and the local religious and public organizations.

Visits by appointment. Call 450 471-6615 ext. 2331.

Possibility of a guided tour with the Terrebonne region history society. For information: 450 492-7477 or info@shrt.qc.ca.

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