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Attraits et activités


The rectangular area defining the Vieux-Terrebonne are Saint-Louis and Saint-Pierre street (North-South), and boulevard des Braves and Chapleau street as the western/eastern bound.

Located at only a few minutes of Montreal and Laval. The Vieux-Terrebonne is a small historical quarter becoming a tourist destination.

In winter…

Come to skate on the natural pond, some great familly activities during the winter Carnival, ice sculpture, painting on ice, various competitions, etc. Possible crosscountry or snowshoeing trails close by.


Visit the historic site of the Île-des-Moulins, where the majority of the cultural activities take place: historical interpretation, art gallery, few expositions like vintage cars, Wine festival and much more! There is always somethings to do, to see, or even to try…

The Vieux-Terrebonne is a great place to go for concerts-shows, with the Vieux-Terrebonne Theater (theater play, humour, concert), the Moulinet, is a nice small venue on the historical site ; as well as, during the summer, the open-air theater, offers Sunday morning musical prestation and the Sunday evening show.

Need to change air ? Bring your bicycle. Terrebonne is definitely your destination with its differents bycle paths. Please refer to the Nature and the Great Outdoors Sections – Cycling Tours of our web site.

Bring your binoculars and observe nearly 200 species of birds. In season, you can see closely ducks and the Barnacles of Canada on the river during the periods of migration.

In summer…

You can made a picnic at the edge of the river and read your preferred book. You do not have any? An excellent bookshop will propose several of them to you. You like to stroll in the shops and to share a meal in good company? The vieux-Terrebonne has plenty of boutiques and differents type of restaurants from the snack to the refined 5 stars tables await you. Several establishments are recommended by the greatest culinary critics and the gastronomical guides.

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