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Sports aux puces Terrebonne

Sports aux puces specializes in the rental of sports equipment. Master of rental for several years, Sports aux puces rents equipment for the day: ice skates, snowshoes, cross-country skis and more!

Rental service

Sports aux puces rents ski equipment for the season, week, weekend, day and all at very favorable prices. Whether it’s for young or old, for skiing or for hockey, come and meet us!

  • Alpine skis
  • Snowboards
  • Mini skis
  • Cross-country skis
  • Snowshoes
  • Hockey equipment
  • Ice skates

Services and repair

Our team includes qualified technicians who can repair, refurbish and adjust almost all of your sporting goods. Whether it is a simple skate sharpening or a sharpening and waxing of your skis or snowboard, our technicians will offer you personalized quality service and will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Used sports items

Sports aux puces also specializes in the sale of new and used sports items. Bring us your sports items in good condition and get a discount in store.

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