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Attraits et activités


SangFuir is a new escape game located in Terrebonne that stands out for its unique settings and its desire to increase the physical aspect of immersion games. To live an entertaining and stimulating experience, with family, friends or colleagues, SangFuir is the place to go. Come celebrate celebrations for teens or adults (The minimum age is 12 years old. Please note that each young person between 12 and 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.) Or, come and create links with a team building activity between colleagues. Ask about group, team building and reception room rental packages.

Scénarios (In french)

Five rooms are available to you:

  • Freak Show
  • La mine
  • La Séquestration
  • Le tueur en série
  • Meurtre à la bibliothèque


$ 25 plus tax per player. Play for free on your birthday (minimum of 4 players required) and identity card required for the birthday party. For reservation, click here.

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