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Attraits et activités

Pâtisserie Boulangerie Charcuterie Lachenaie

If you’re planning a picnic or a buffet, make sure to visit Pâtisserie Boulangerie Charcuterie Lachenaie, a little gourmet shop located in Terrebonne in the Lachenaie sector. If you can clear some time in your schedule, you might want to make the best out of your visit and grab a coffee and delicious pastry and enjoy them in their dining area. You can also grab one of their generous sandwiches hand-made on the premises with their own bread, cheese and cold cuts.

Traditional Tomato Pizza

Fresh and delicious, their traditional tomato pizza is made of simple and tasteful ingredients including savoury Italian tomatoes. Surely one of their popular item on the menu!

Some of their products include:

  • Fresh bread
  • Biscotti
  • Cannoli
  • Cold cuts platter
  • Cheese platter
  • Personnalized cakes
  • Traditional tomato pizza
  • Pastries
  •  And much more!
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