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Attraits et activités

Parc du Grand-Coteau

The Parc du Grand-Coteau, located in Mascouche, has two fine lakes hidden among the tall pines, one accessible for recreational purposes and the other in a wilderness setting. The park’s flora and fauna are typical of the region, and the area is a mecca for bird-watchers, with numerous species attracted to the park by the abundant flora and forest cover.

It takes a good three hours to hike across the Parc du Grand-Coteau from north to south!

For families, there are safe areas for small children to play, as well as areas for picnics, outdoor games and cycle rides. In winter, one of the ponds becomes an immense skating rink and alongside is a slide for the youngest children. There are also many cross-country skiing and snowshoe trails where you can explore the park and climb over its highest point.

The Parc du Grand-Coteau has been conserved as much as possible in its pristine natural state, making it the perfect setting for all kinds of activities. Anyone who loves flowers, trees and nature will enjoy walking the maintained trails alongside the lakes. When you climb the hill, you’re rewarded with three other lakes hidden away in the forest.

The bicycle path skirting Montée Masson and crossing the town of Mascouche at the end of Chemin des Anglais is another feature of the Parc du Grand-Coteau.

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