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Paraski Plein-Air

Put on your alpine skis or snowboard and let yourself slide thanks to the force of the wind. Whether on a frozen river or in snowy fields, sailing or traction kite will allow you to glide and experience new sensations!

Invented and manufactured in Quebec for the winter, the paraskiflex is the easiest and safest traction sail in the world.
You will immediately have feelings of freedom and pleasure that will make you want to exceed your limits and you will find your child’s heart again.

Individual and group training, initiation, autonomy and development in paraski are offered by a competent and extremely passionate instructor.

Welcome to all kinds of sails (flex, sausage, box) and to all those who are looking for a place to practice their passion, snow kiting.

This business located in Terrebonne (La Plaine), offers paraski equipment for sale and rental, a large snow kite practice ground, parking and heated cabin.

Their online store offers you equipment and additional paraski equipment for the whole family whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert.

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