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Attraits et activités

Lazio bakery

Well established in Terrebonne since 1980, Boulangerie Lazio has established itself as a true gourmet reference over the years. The LAZIO, located at 1290 boulevard des Seigneurs in Terrebonne, is much more than a simple bakery!

Catering menu
No one is really aware, but we offer an outstanding catering service! You can always contact us for the organization of your food during your special events: we offer a personalized service according to your tastes, your means and your specific requests. For all corporate events, we have a menu of lunch boxes.

Ready to eat
Our kitchen makes sure to offer you a wide range of prepared foods: pasta, sauces, salads, panini, lasagna, calzones, arancini and a variety of other cooked dishes garnish our counters.

We have our own dryer and a steamer for the production of your hams, capicollo, salamis, cacciatore and homemade pork roasts! We also hold 14 varieties of sausages (also made on site!) To accompany your BBQs.

We produce over 30,000 cold pizzas a year! True celebrity across Quebec, our pizza is (really) the best in town!
Having kept its original recipe for 40 years, you can also get various varieties: the classic with tomatoes, grilled vegetables, olives, olives and artichokes, capicolli, minced sausage, bacon, prosciutto, arugula and balsamic cream…
If you don’t already know her …

With our oven running at 100 miles an hour, we have our fresh bread delivered every morning.
Our provider? The Bread Shop! Come and get baguette, loaf, Belgian, Parisian and the famous Italian (covered with olive oil) to accompany your meals!

Dining room
Our dining room is ideal for a snack: we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner aperitif. Come and taste paninis, lasagna, cold salads and Italian desserts.

Coffee is our religion. Our clerks must go through rigorous training in order to serve you cappuccino, espresso and latte. Our experts take care of your difficult mornings.

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