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Attraits et activités

L’Adresse Gourmande

If you are in search of a rare product seen in a magazine or on television, the Adresse Gourmande is the place for you. The beauty of the place and the quality of the products will charm you. When entering, you will feel transported to various corners of the world, thanks to its spices, wide range of olive oils, amazing teas, aged balsamic vinegars, rare and delicious cheeses and much more.

The Adresse Gourmande is the place par excellence to find a hostess gift or to treat you.

Have a great experience!

What awaits you

  • Delicatessen
  • Regional and international products
  • Imported and regional fancy cheeses
  • Spices 
  • Fine chocolates 
  • Equitable coffee and specialised teas

Eco-responsible practices

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