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Attraits et activités

Guilbo Art Gallery

Guilbo is a professional painter who takes his art beyond convention by offering exclusive works, symbols of an emotion, a memory, a dream. A crazy idea? We are takers!

Covering an area of ​​2,000 square feet, the Guilbo Art Gallery will allow you to discover the original universe of the painter through twenty large-format works, presented in the enchanting setting of a century-old house in Old Terrebonne.

The artist Guilbo is someone apart who has given himself the mission of making art accessible to all. Singular in his approach to painting, he likes to put his talent and creativity at the service of the personal history of people by designing canvases inspired by their experiences.

The Guilbo Art Gallery is available for rental of all kinds. Whether for a private event, a launch, or a happy hour, the locals of this gallery will impress your entourage.

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