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Attraits et activités

Galeries de Terrebonne

The Galeries de Terrebonne is shopping mall that offers you many shops and services.

Services available

  • Family/breast-feeding room : Located in the women washrooms, family/breast-feeding room is available for changing and breast-feeding your baby in privacy.
  • Food court : The food court has something for everyone. Highchairs are available for the little ones as are spaces for people with disabilities. A microwave oven is available for the family to heat your baby beverage.
  • Loans of strollers and wheelchairs : Single, and newborn strollers as well as wheelchairs are available for FREE at the Restaurants Services Desk. Limited quantity. Reservations are not accepted.
  • Lockers : Located near the washrooms entrance P. 4 and near Sports Experts entrance P7 for only one dollar.
  • Photo booth : Available near Sports Experts entrance P7.

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