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Opening scheduled for May 2021 in Old-Terrebonne!

Dracolite is made up of a set of artisans, creators and enthusiasts who imagine, design and manufacture in Quebec products of medieval, historical and fantastic inspiration intended for a global market.

We also support several local and international artists and artisans (Germany, England, Austria, United States, Spain) in order to introduce their art to as many people as possible. Whether it is for your medieval wedding, a ball, a life-size event or any other event with a historical or fantastic flavor, the Dracolite boutique is the one you dream of.

Dracolite brings together several brands including:

  • Maison de Couture signed Véronique Lortie
  • Atelier Pirate, Mythic Workshop
  • Dracolite Leather
  • Dracolite Clothing
  • Dracolite Jewelry

Our mission: promote the medieval and fantastic world through unique high-end creations combining know-how and personalized service.

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