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Attraits et activités

Club de boxe L’Imperium

The Imperium Boxing Club is a non-profit organization founded in June 2009 by Stéphane Desormiers, ex professional boxer. The club was officially established at the Cité du Sport in Terrebonne in 2010. In addition to promoting the sport through boxing, the Imperium is also involved in the community of Terrebonne.

The Imperium is affiliated with the Quebec Olympic Boxing Federation and after only 4 years of activity, the Imperium is in 4th position among 115 clubs of its association.

Recreational boxing, with an accessible approach, allows anyone who wishes to get in shape in a stimulating way. While you decide to take part in a class or free practice, you can use all available equipment as you see fit. Recreational boxing is for anyone who is looking for new challenges or who wants to excel, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. So whatever your goal, the practice of recreational boxing will fulfill all your expectations!


  • Initiation to boxing
  • Learn basic positions
  • Learn to move and transfer weight
  • Learn the basics

Free admission $ 10. For more information on fares and schedules, visit the Impérium Boxing Club website. The Impérium Boxing Club also organizes the Imperial Boxing Gala. For an evening filled with pleasure.

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