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60 MINUTES / Escape games

Opening soon! Discover a new entertaining escape game that is totally perfect for an outing with family, friends and even colleagues.

In groups of 2 to 8 people per room, you will be immersed in a scenario that you have chosen where you will have to find a way to escape before the end of the scheduled time.

During the 60 minutes allotted to your mission, you will have to make decisions under pressure, solve puzzles that are sometimes simple, sometimes complex, communicate effectively and work as a team in order to succeed in the challenge that is proposed to you. During the game, up to 3 clues can be obtained to help you complete your mission within the 60-minute time limit. Are you going to be successful?

Four rooms are available to you:

  • The School of Magic
  • Flight 760
  • Dracula’s coffin
  • The vault

Rates and schedule

To know the rates and schedule, click here. Book your room now, click here.

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