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Attraits et activités

2C2B Coworking

Our 2 office floors are ready to welcome you, whether you are self-employed or have a team of 30 employees.
At 2C2B Coworking Mascouche, we offer closed offices, custom lofts, open-air workstations and modular meeting rooms. Our new building is universally accessible, with outdoor work spaces, green terraces, a workout space, a health café and even nap rooms!

This space can accommodate corporate and private events from 20 to 150 people in banquet mode and 230 people in cocktail mode. You can also count on our partners for planning your event, catering service or photographer service.

Whether it is for the organization of a 5 à 7, a team building activity, a conference, a wedding, a shower, a birthday or a business meeting, you can count on 2C2B!

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